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人生有期待有煩惱,像健康、家庭、事業、金錢、人際關係、心靈需求等等,有道小館 雙語發聲,周一人物專訪,來賓分享專業知識、人生歷練,周二播專訪摘要,周四周五是各種短篇分享,以他山之石正向轉念,利人也利己。請訂閱、提供建議,我們一定做到更好,謝謝! 更新:自即日起,節目改為全中文播出,擬另闢英文節目,敬請期待。
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Aug 30, 2016
What Your Awareness Can Help You Do
⦁ Look after yourself and keep the body, the heart, and the mind in check.
⦁ Be aware of what is happening around you, and inside your head.
⦁ Stop reacting to annoying events in your daily life with unfavorable habits.
⦁ Steady yourself. Be the master of your body and mind, instead of the slave of emotions.
⦁ Avoid implusive reaction or criticizing others when unfavorite matters occur.
⦁ Try using "I-Message" to communicate and express yourself.
⦁ Engage in groups or take courses that relate to parenting.
⦁ Accept that each individual is different one way or the other. At the meantime each and everyone is to be responsible for himself.
⦁ Let go of your self-righteous views and standards. Open your eyes and ears. Ponder what you see and hear. Correct yourself and do what are more suitable.
Practice: Awareness and Meditation
⦁ Quiet your mind and heart. Ask yourself in what mood you are at the moment, how you are feeling, and where that feeling is located.
⦁ Pay attention to that mood (feeling). Keep it company. Talk to it.
⦁ Use your imagenation and consciousness to hug that spot and feeling. Embrace it a warmly.
⦁ To Dao members: concentrate on your first treasure. It will help to enhance the effect.
⦁ This practice can be done alone or in a group. For beginners, it helps if doing it with others because you get to discuss it with your peers.
Aug 28, 2016


  • 關照與陪伴自己的身、心、靈
  • 找出靈魂出入的門戶
  • 改掉在生活上用「習性」來處理事件的習慣
  • 覺知自己的念頭,有意識的回應當下的情境
  • 穩住自己的身心,當自己的主人,不當情緒的奴隸


  • 用覺察或守玄來提醒自己,避免衝動或指責的慣性溝通
  • 用「我訊息」來表達感受,避免使用負面的反應方式
  • 主動學習有效的親子互動方式
  • 接受不同,自我負責
  • 聞思修。放下自己認為的觀點跟標準 


  • 定靜安慮得,守玄是培養定力的方式
  • 玄關是人體磁場、攝受力最強的地方
  • 知止。大學:止於至善
  • 圓滿俱足,能生萬法,不生不滅,不動不搖
  • 知主保無恙


  • 先靜下來,問自己:我現在的心情是什麼,感覺怎樣
  • 找出情緒種類(喜、怒、哀、樂),在身體的哪個位置
  • 然後去關照那個情緒,陪伴它,跟它對話
  • 用想像、用意識去擁抱那個部位,那個感覺,給它溫暖
  • 可獨自練習,也可團體進行
Aug 26, 2016

7 Reminders

1. Do not condemn others' minor mistakes.
2. Do not reveal private matters of others.
3. Forgive and forget.
4. Experience the fun and joy from being modest.
5. Train up our virtues by enduring the unendurable.
6. Conquer material desires by being self-disciplined.
7. Settle and comfort our heart and mind in the peacefulness.

(Online Forwarded Sharing)

Aug 25, 2016



Aug 23, 2016

Peter Peng

  • Career in this world: astronautics
  • Principal Engineer at JPL, NASA
  • Accomplished 3 Mars missions and now working on the 4th
  • Career in Heaven: Dao Cultivation and Sharing
  • Managing a English Dao Learning Class in LA, CA
  • Dao is the highest level wisdom. Comparing to that wisdom, matters in this world are minors.

Career in this world: astronautics

  • Highly complicated tasks: Mistakes happen. It requires absolute calmness and wisdom to communicate with the team. Find the possible causes of those errors and how to fix them.
  • Team work: Do NOT blame. An open-minded and cooperative attitude benefits the team most. Any mistake occurred is not a personal matter. The credit for each success goes to the team.
  • Hard work and diligence is absolutely necessary. As if a mission is successful, a helping hand from God is much needed.

The Successful Landing of A Mars Rover

  • Peter’s job is to analyze 1,000 possible landing situations. A project is only acceptable if 90% of them are effective. However, if that 1/100 occurs during the real landing…
  • 99%: hard work and diligence on human’s part; 1%: dependence on God
  • The Fourth Mars Mission
  • 2020: another rover which would be equipped with a helicopter
  • The rover would roughly weigh a ton. The helicopter is a serious challenge due the atmosphere of Mars is only 1% thick as that of the Earth. It would require a lot of floating power for the copter to be air-bound. But the air is thin on Mars and that would affect the stability of the power supply…
  • Any mission would have multiple objectives instead of pursuing a single target.

Career in Heaven: Dao Cultivation and Sharing

  • Life is with long term goals and multiple objectives. We might find what we learn and receive on the way and from the secondary objectives are more important even if we fail to achieve the main one.
  • Cultivating Dao is like learning Chinese Kung-Fu. It takes a long time to learn and polish. Do not be shortsighted and want immediate return on the efforts.
  • The helping hand from God is the power of Dao. Mind power is the ultimate power in the universe.

Suggestions from Peter

  • We all have our strong suit and talents. Find out what we are good at and start from there.
  • The two careers (career in this world and career in Heaven) complement each other. So do both and build a happier life and be more content with it.
  • A buddha is a happiest person in the universe. Make one out of each of us.
Aug 21, 2016
Peter Peng 小檔案
⦁ 美國太空總署 JPL 噴射推進實驗室,首席工程師 principal engeener
⦁ 已完成三個火星計畫,目前進行第四個計畫
⦁ 在洛杉磯主持一個英文道學研究班
⦁ 用宇宙間最高的智慧來看,人間事都是小事了
⦁ 工作複雜度高,用高度的冷靜、修道的智慧,處理任何疏失帶來的危機
⦁ 多溝通,不指責,以開放與合作的態度,帶給團隊最大的獲益
⦁ 座右銘:團隊合作。犯錯非個人的原因,成功是團體的功勞
⦁ 人的努力是必要條件,是否成事,仍需那上帝之手
⦁ 分析1000種降落的狀況,99/100都成功,計畫才能被接受
⦁ 但如果降落那時剛好就碰到那 1/100 的狀況,那你又能怎麼辦
⦁ 99/100:人類的努力;1/100:上帝之手(宇宙間至高的力量 - 道)
⦁ 第四個火星計畫,預計
⦁ 2020 年送另一部火星車上火星
⦁ 火星車約1噸重,相當於小型汽車
⦁ 附設直昇機,是火星車專屬的自拍神器(困難度最高的工程之一,因火星大氣層只有地球1/100,浮力小,空氣單薄,阻力小,動力可能不穩定)
⦁ 有多重目標,非單目標的追求
⦁ 為理想而付出,非世俗的名和利
⦁ 修道就像中國工夫,要花時間去學習。
⦁ 不短視近利,不求立即回報
⦁ 要有長遠的標的,多線道進行。即使主目標未達成,卻可能發覺其他目標更重要
⦁ 「上帝之手」就是道的力量。心的力量,mind power,是宇宙之間最大的力量
Peter 的建議與分享
⦁ 天生我材必有我用,瞭解自己什麼最擅長,從而發揮
⦁ 有想法請教專家很好,但人生中的答案與解決,仍要靠個人去追尋
⦁ 聖凡兼修:修行(聖業)跟凡業是相輔相成的,
⦁ 佛:天地之間最幸福最快樂的人
Aug 19, 2016
Set, Go
(Online Post Sharing I)

A person without a goal is like a ship voyaging in the ocean without any navigation and would not pull in to shore. Learn to set a realistic goal per year , per month, per week, and per day. do your best to realize each of them. A year later, three years later, and five years later you'd accumulating a huge and seccessful goal that you will be proud of. (Translation of "22 habits and traits of world's richest people, #1" from Chinese)
Positive Energy
(Online Post Sharing II)

When a person changes his belief, he modifies morality and conducts. When his morality and conducts are transformed, his aura will follow too. When the aura is different, the next is his magnetic field. When his magnetic field changes, the Feng Shui follows. When Feng Shui alters, his luck changes as well. When his luck differs, his fate (destiny) does too.

What really changes our destiny is our positive energy. Be kind to people and the world. No high end cusmetics is able to make us show kindness, gentleness, and generosity. Our appearance is the mirrow image of our heart and mind. Our circumstances would change when we look at matters in different perspective. The most valuable in life is knowing how to adjust the way we think (mentality). The real crisis now is not financial crises but the downfall of morality and faith.

Be in the company of the wise and the kind. Keep a kind heart, speak positive words, and do good deeds. In all likelihood, we would then bear good karma. (Translation of "Why we need to create positive energy" from Chinese)
Aug 18, 2016

訂目標,達目標 《網路文章轉載分享一》


正能量 《網路文章轉載分享二》



Aug 16, 2016
How would you use your 24 hours each day?
⦁ First of all, identify your priority (family? career? money?)
⦁ For things that must be done, book the time for them.
⦁ Arrange a schedule accordingly
⦁ Try to multitask. For matters requiring more attention, find time to think them over when possible.

Divide a project into smaller tasks with weekly and daily plans
⦁ Make a list and category them into 3 or 5 groups according to their time sensitiveness.
⦁ Research and collect necessary information. Start planning when reasonable amount of data is available (don't wait until all is there... it might be too late)
⦁ Don't under-estimate. Don't be obssessed with your own ideas.
⦁ Do it right the first time so not to waste resources.
⦁ Know all your resources (including human) and put them into good use.
⦁ Keep the communication channels open. Inquire a prograss report when necessary.
⦁ When conflicts occur, you should know what to keep and what to give up.
⦁ Sharpen your sword: stay healthy.

Reminders from May
⦁ Divide bigger projects into smaller tasks and plan them accordingly.
⦁ Exercise and maintain your health mentally and physically.
Aug 14, 2016
⦁ 首要之務,確認你的價值觀(家庭?事業?金錢?)
⦁ 一定要做的事,先把時間定下來
⦁ 排事情的先後次序
⦁ 利用時間思考
⦁ 列表,分類(以緊急性分 3 或 5 類)
⦁ 先收集資料,儘早計劃,不要等到事情皆有才開始
⦁ 不低估、不執著
⦁ 儘量第一次就做到最好,避免重覆,浪費人力、時間、精力
⦁ 靈活運用所知,所有之各項資源(包括各人之長處)
⦁ 平時就觀察、保持雙向溝通
⦁ 時間衝突時,知道取捨
⦁ 要運動,保持健康
⦁ 分段計劃大小事
⦁ 注意身心靈健康
Aug 12, 2016
  • Remove the three kinds of thoughts, and that is focusing on the moment. Being able to do that is called concentration. When it happens, that would be Dao, and accordance with the heaven. And what you do would make perfect sense.  Let your mind be "empty." That's how you can enlarge your amplitude for tolerance.
  • Empty your thoughts before you'd be able to fuse with the universe. To be able to journey to wherever as you wish. Since your thoughts are emptied, you'd be united with the heaven and the earth. Since you and the heaven and the earth are one, you should act and think accordingly. A Heaven's heart is selfless. A Heaven's heart is most natural, wu wei (non-action or non-doing.) and fair.
  • When cultivating Dao, no matter how long you've been doing it, the most important is "drop" your clinging (sense-pleasure clinging, wrong-view clinging, rites-and-rituals clinging, self-doctrine clinging). Let go of your fabricated mind. Rid of those, and you'd be a buddha. If you can't achieve that, you stay as a human. Sometimes when you let go, your mind would be calm and stable. And wherever your mind lands, you would be enlightened and comprehend there and then.
  • Without a goal, a person would be like a boat without the helm. It would float along where the currents take it. Or the direction the waves make it. It would never be able to settle down. That's why you need to be your own master. Dictate your own directions and complete this short life time of yours.
  • If you know the importance of being able to let go of everything and ridding of your troubles, placing your heart and affections in the universe, do you have any idea how broad and magnificent your amplitude for tolerance would expand, and how happy you would be! Saints and sages since long ago were the ones who knew how to let go so they gained access to the quietness and secluded state in mind.
Aug 10, 2016

<< 仙佛慈語 >>

⦁ 掃三心,就是你當下專心一意,那叫做專心,那叫道心,才合乎天心,你做出來的事情才合乎道理。要讓自己的心「歸空」,心量才能擴大啊!

⦁ 由於歸於空才能彌六合,才能來去自如啊!既是歸空就與天地合一,既與天地合而為一就應秉持天心,天心即大公無私,天心是很自然、很無為、很公平。

⦁ 修道,不是論道齡多久,最重要的是能夠「放下」你的執著心,放下虛妄的心。心要趕快放下來,放下心來即成佛,放不下心來,就是人。有時候當你的心放下時,心就會定,定於何處,體悟就在何處。

⦁ 人沒有志向,就好像沒有舵的船一樣,隨著波濤流東流西,永不得安定。所以你們要有自己的主宰,要有自己的方向,去完成這短暫的人生。

⦁ 如果懂得放下一切,懂得拋諸煩惱,把你的心、你的情,放在無形的宇宙,那你的心量,何其的廣,何其的大,何其的快樂啊!自古聖賢仙佛就是懂得放下一切,所以才能求得清靜之樂。

Aug 7, 2016

時間:每月雙周六 10am-12pm
地點:9 Truman, Irvine CA(爾灣中文學校)
詢問:(949) 887-6277 請留言


  1. 目的:發揚中華文化
  2. 位置:美國加州爾灣
  3. 選書:古典經文,如四書、老子、莊子、六祖檀經
  4. 會齡:十年多
  5. 成員:來自四面八方


  1. 講師群:講經據典,引申補充,講解經文
  2. 眾言堂:學員依個人經驗分享、提問
  3. 想法、立場不同時:討論、深入經文、激盪
  4. 例:(老子有物混成)域中有四大,道大,天大,地大,王大…
  5. 人大或渺小?人是萬物之靈,這個靈就是可大的部分,以修道來成就
  1. 不談政治
  2. 不涉金錢
  3. 少談宗教等易主觀的話題


  1. 贊化書院
  2. 化親子讀經班
  3. 推廣孝道
Aug 5, 2016

The Great Wisdom Reading Club

  • Goal: To make the traditional Chinese culture widely known
  • Location: Irvine CA, USA
  • Founded: 2005
  • Members: from all works of life
  • Books: the Chinese classics, such as  the Four Books, "Analects, Mencius, Doctrine of the Mean, Great Learning," Daodejing (Tao Te Ching), Zhuangzi, and  The Sixth Patriarch's Sutra
Features of The Club
  • Lectures: A group of three lecturers lead each meeting. One explains the classic texts in plain and easy understood Chinese. The other two crossexam the meanings of the text with contents from other books
  • When a disagreement occurs: discussions, friendly debates, more and deeper cross examinations
  • Example: (Representations of the mystery, Chapter 25 Dao De Jing)  
    • ... Therefore the Dao is great; Heaven is great; Earth is great; and the (sage) king is also great. In the universe there are four that are great, and the (sage) king is one of them. (Man takes his law from the Earth; the Earth takes its law from Heaven; Heaven takes its law from the Dao. The law of the Dao is its being what it is.)
  • How can the king (a human) be great? Shouldn't a human be rather small, comparing to the other three? Because of the "mind" or "soul,"  humans are often considered as the most evolved in all beings. The "mind" would be the part that can achieve the greatness, by cultivating Dao.
Restrictions When Meetings Or On Site
  • No politics
  • Do business elswhere please
  • Avoid any topics or issues that are extreme subjective
Related organizations & Activities
  • Association For Dao Enlightenment
  • Children's Classic Reading Class
  • The movement for realizing filial piety
Aug 4, 2016
  • Words, need not a lot. The more words one speaks, the less for him or her to keep his promises.
  • Money, need not a lot. The more money one owns, the more dangerous ground he is on.
  • Desires, need not a lot. The more desires one has, the greedier he becomes.
  • Demands, need not a lot. The more demands one pursues, the more lost he feels.


  • Fun, need not a lot. Having too much fun reduces the will power one possesses.
  • Ceremony, need not a lot. Performing too many ritualistic acts is meaningless.


  • Talents, need not a lot. The more talents one requires, the less concentrates he can be on any.
  • Doubts, need not a lot. The more doubtful one is of matters, the fewer friends he would have.
  • Considerations, need not a lot.  Contemplating too much impedes one’s ability to move forward.
  • Dreams, need not a lot. Having too many dreams makes the night seem to be endless.


Take good care of your mind.
Move forwards in a steady pace.
The steps need to be steady but light.
Put your foot down lightly so not to crush one another’s heart.
Step forward in a steady manner so not to separate yourself from the team.

Aug 4, 2016





Aug 2, 2016
Reasons For Operating A Vegetarian Food Supply Store
⦁ Both the husband and the wife are vegetarians
⦁ A convenient location for vegetarians in Orange County, CA
⦁ Making new friends
⦁ Assisting friends who just started or thinking of starting a vegetarian diet
What Cultivating Dao And Supporting Two Temples Mean to Li-Ting
⦁ Cultivation is a means to alter one's fate
⦁ Being able to support the temples makes them happy and appreciate their good fortunes more than ever
⦁ Satisfied with what they have. Appreciation. Less material desires
⦁ Do their best at running a travel agency, managing a family, and helping others to realize Dao
Philosophy of Managing A Travel Agency
⦁ No micro-management
⦁ A sound accounting system
⦁ Trust and mutual respect between the management and staff
⦁ Generous compansation and bonus to the employees
How To Cultivate Dao In A Material World
⦁ Money spending on vegetarian meals to share with temple friends twice a month means much more than a designer handbag
⦁ Less material desires leads to less worries and troubles
⦁ Cultivating Dao helps to rid of the shackles desires put on us.
⦁ Release the sufferings.
What Are The Purposes of Living
⦁ Not being a money making machine that's for sure
⦁ Where are we from? Why are we here? Where would we go after we die?
⦁ Cultivation of Dao is good to ourselves, our family members, and friends around us
⦁ Serve and help others. The satisfactory lasts longer and the level is higer