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人生有期待有煩惱,像健康、家庭、事業、金錢、人際關係、心靈需求等等,有道小館 雙語發聲,周一人物專訪,來賓分享專業知識、人生歷練,周二播專訪摘要,周四周五是各種短篇分享,以他山之石正向轉念,利人也利己。請訂閱、提供建議,我們一定做到更好,謝謝! 更新:自即日起,節目改為全中文播出,擬另闢英文節目,敬請期待。
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Mar 24, 2016








Mar 22, 2016

Little Reporters’ Profile

  • žLaunched in 2009
  • A weekly children’s news program
  • žTwice finalist by Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan, R.O.C)
  • žCover story “Giving Back Hermit Crabs Their Homes” was one of the finalists under non-fiction category by Prix Jeunesse International (Germany) 2016 

A Producer’s Ups & Downs Working with Children

  • žGet to know the youngsters from one era to the next.
  • žDevelop individual qualities and put them to good use.
  • žNeed to train new anchors and reporters frequently.
  • žFight the misconception of young reports equal child actors.  

A Reporter’s Dignity

  • žIncite an audience by sex and violence?
  • žSlice up a person in writing on purpose to attract attention?
  • žCare about fact, persistence, and justness?  

What Does It Take to Be A Little Reporter

  • žGood pronunciation
  • žCamera friendly
  • žCurious about life and care the world
  • žShowing passion toward reporter work
  • žAbility to interview and write
  • Using the media to communicate with an audience
Mar 21, 2016


ž  色羶腥是你的菜嗎?筆下留人;事實、堅持、正義


ž  接觸不同世代兒童;開發善用個人特質;頻繁訓練新任主播;小主播 = 童星的誤解


ž  口齒咬字清晰;鏡頭是否喜歡你;關心生活、世界、有好奇心;對工作有熱忱;有採訪、寫作能力;想用媒體與大眾溝通

Mar 18, 2016

Turning away from Unhappiness

ž  Put spring into good use

ž  The impermanence is the truth of life

ž  Letting go of the unpredictable is the best support

 Clear out of Negative Thoughts

ž  Throw out the garbage

ž  Find the Truth

You Are Where Your Thoughts Takes You

ž  Difference between the heaven and the hell

  The Diamond Sutra: Purified Belie

ž  Vimalakirti Sutra: When the heart is cleansed, the nation follows.

Mar 16, 2016


  • ž配合四時養生
  • 無常是生命的真相
  • 放下是最好的依靠


  • ž倒垃圾
  • 找出真實面


  • 天堂與地獄的不同
  • ž  金剛經〈正信稀有分第六〉:一念淨信
  • ž  維摩經〈佛國品〉:隨其心淨,則國土淨
*若需詳細摘要,請拜訪 網站,有pdf檔案供您下載參考。
Mar 14, 2016

Friends around the world, welcome to Dao Café Podcast. This is your host, Rove Wang.

Are your eyes dry and sour? In our episode 001, our guest Rose Li, a Chinese Medicine doctor with western medicine background, shared some self-care tips to relief mild dry-eye discomfort.

 1. Shorten the time spent on looking at the screen if the problem is caused by overusing products such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Allow yourself only once or twice a day to check your email and social media. Set a time limit and be disciplined about it. 2. If setting a time limit is not possible, then make sure your eyes get some rest every hour or so. 3. To let your eyes stay moist, blink more or apply artificial tears. 4. You can also consider using a humidifier to maintain the moisture level indoors. 5. Avoid wind from the air-conditioning or a fan blowing into your eyes. When going out, a pair of windproof protective-eyewear might be useful. 5. Supplements like Vitamin A and Omega 3 are believed good for your eyes too.

Dr. Li also shared a home remedy: chrysanthemum tea. You can drink it or use it to steam your eyes. This free remedy for mild dry-eye symptoms is available on our website,

If you prefer to treat dry eyes with artificial tears, the product spec tells you if it contains preservatives. It is suggested to use the preservative-free type if applying the eyedrops more than 4 times a day.

If the dry eyes are caused by chronic inflammation of eyelids, you can try this one. When having a shower, apply a tiny drop of non-irritating shampoo on your fingertip and wash your eyelashes. Keeping your eyelids clean is important.

If your dry-eye symptoms are results from other health issues, please consult your doctor.

These self-care tips for dry-eye were provided by Dr. Rose Li and brought to you by Dao Café Podcast. To obtain a more detailed summary, please visit Stay healthy and see you next time. Bye.

Mar 12, 2016

人生有期待有煩惱,像健康、家庭、事業、金錢、人際關係、心靈需求等等,有道小館 雙語發聲,周一人物專訪,來賓分享專業知識、人生歷練,周二播專訪摘要,周四周五是各種短篇分享,以他山之石正向轉念,利人也利己。請訂閱、提供建議,我們一定做到更好,謝謝!
Many thanks to each and every guest. Sharing in the show are their professional expertise, work knowledge, personal experience, and/or whatever they hope would be helpful. The motive behind these practical and inspiring attitudes is to trigger similar effects and pass them forward.
Please visit Dao Café website ( We hope by giving yourself a chance to get out of the chaos life stores for you, you can build a life of quality and find your Dao within.

Mar 12, 2016



*若您的症狀輕微,可嘗試下列方法,減少乾眼症造成的不適:縮短注視螢幕的時間,建議集中使用,例如一天1-2次;若一定得使用,讓眼睛固定休息;多眨眼睛;適度使用人工淚液;保持眼瞼清潔;可於室內適度使用濕度器;避免冷氣或風扇直吹眼睛;外出時可戴護目鏡避風;也可考慮攝取補充品,如維他命A或Omega 3。





*若需詳細摘要,請拜訪 網站,有pdf檔案供您下載參考。



Mar 8, 2016

We all have expectations and worries in life. As it is, most are related to health, family, career, money, relationships, spiritual needs, and the big question of life and death. At Dao Café we discuss different kinds of topics in hope of shining the way to positive thoughts leading to better outcomes. 

Dao exists in our daily lives and it shows the path if we open ourselves. For instance, after around 10 years of teaching, I moved on to the business world, did some volunteer work, and wrote scripts for a children’s TV news program. My latest adventure was to pursuit another degree. After all that, Dao Café website was built, a result of my interests and expertise, modern technology, and goal in life. The idea behind is to benefit the public and myself by sharing Dao.

Dao Café is bilingual in Chinese and English. The podcast show is on four days a week. Scheduled on Mondays are interviews. Guests are invited to share their professional expertise, tips on tactics at workplace, or personal experience. If an interview is done in Chinese, its English summary would be available the next day. If a guest speaks English, then we do it the other way around. Thursdays and Fridays are for short sharing about Dao. Please visit our website and let us know what you think. Comments related to interviews will be forwarded. All constructive feedbacks are welcome. We’ll do our best to improve.

There are so much great contents to share so we’re broadcasting the first interview today as well. Our guest is Rose Li, who practiced medicine in Taiwan before and now a licensed Chinese Medicine doctor in California. Do you have dry eye problems? Don’t miss this interview. Its English summary will be available tomorrow. Thank you and see you tomorrow!

Mar 7, 2016
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