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人生有期待有煩惱,像健康、家庭、事業、金錢、人際關係、心靈需求等等,有道小館 雙語發聲,周一人物專訪,來賓分享專業知識、人生歷練,周二播專訪摘要,周四周五是各種短篇分享,以他山之石正向轉念,利人也利己。請訂閱、提供建議,我們一定做到更好,謝謝! 更新:自即日起,節目改為全中文播出,擬另闢英文節目,敬請期待。
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Apr 29, 2016
  • No matter how long or short you live, live a sparkling life.
  • No matter how smooth or eventful your life is, live it with heroic aspiration.
  • No matter your career is successful or not, live your life to eternity value.
  • No matter how low or high your social status is, live your own great miracle.
  • No matter how much education you’ve got, live your life with infinite wisdom.
  • No matter how good or bad your current fortune is, live it as perfect as you can.
  • No matter how the future would be, live a devoted life to the society.
Apr 28, 2016
  • 無論你的生命長或短,你必須活出生命的光輝
  • 無論你的境遇順或逆,你必須活出英雄的志氣
  • 無論你的事業成或敗,你必須活出永恆的價值
  • 無論你的地位高或低,你必須活出偉大的奇蹟
  • 無論你的學問多或少,你必須活出無限的智慧
  • 無論你的時運好或壞,你必須活出人生的完美
  • 無論你的未來會如何,你必須好好的奉獻自己
Apr 26, 2016
  • 小型、個人化、非營利的私立大學,位於美國加州南部
  • 1991年由佛光山星雲大師籌建,今年是創校25週年
  • 以佛家的智慧與價值觀,發揚「全人」的教育理念
  • 促進東西方文化間的相互了解與鑑賞
  • 目前學生約350人,美國本地學生跟國際學生的比例平衡
  • 商學院碩士學位: 電腦資訊、財經、國際貿易、非營利組織管理
  • 宗教研究碩士學位: 佛學研究、比較宗教學研究
  • 神學碩士學位
  • 心理學碩士學位: 佛教心理學、多元文化心理資商
  • 宗教研究博士學位: 佛教、比較宗教學、佛院住持(2017年開始招生)
  • 會計系、國際貿易系、行銷系、電腦資訊系、心理系、英語系
  • 英語文課程、其他課程
Morgan 校長的忠告與期待

Apr 25, 2016
University of the West
  • A small personalized private non-profit university located in southern California
  • Founded in 1991 by Grand Master Hsing Yun and celebrating its 25th anniversary  this year
  • Providing a ‘whole person’ education in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values
  • Facilitating cultural understanding and appreciation between East and West
  • Current student body: 350 students, a mix of domestic and international students
Programs Offered in UWest
Graduate Programs of Study
  • MBA
    Computer Information Systems, Finance, International Business, Nonprofit Organization Management
  • Master of Arts in Religious Studies
    Buddhist Studies, Comparative Religious Studies
  • Master of Divinity in Buddhist Chaplaincy
    Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Buddhist Psychology, Multicultural Counseling Psychology
  • Ph.D in Religious Studies
    Buddhism, Comparative Religions, Buddhist Ministry (to be launched in 2017

Bachelor of Arts: General Studies

  • Accounting, International Business, Marketing, Computer Information Systems, Psychology, English

Certificate Programs

  • ESL & others

Advice & Expectations To the Students & Faculty

  • To Current Students
  • To the Faculty
  • To Future Students
Apr 22, 2016

Diligence: Definition

  • careful and persistent work or effort (Oxford Dictionaries)
  • interested and persevering application; devoted and painstaking effort to accomplish what is undertaken; assiduity in service (Webster's 1913 Dictionary)
  • conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task; giving the degree of care required in a given situation (WordNet Dictionary)

 What Diligence Is

  • "Diligence is the mother of good luck" (Benjamin Franklin)
  • "Diligence is a great teacher." (Arabic Proverb)

 Diligence: Proverbs and Quotes

  • A diligent leader is more likely to have an obedient staff who follow him of their own free will (Han Yu, an essayist and poet from the Tang dynasty)
  • Diligence has its reward; play has no advantages. (Three-Character Classic)1
  • Heaven, in its motion, (gives the idea of) strength. The superior man, in accordance with this, nerves himself to ceaseless activity. (I Ching)2
  • "The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools." (Confucius)3
  • "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance." (Samuel Johnson)
  • "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." "I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent; curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism, have brought me to my ideas." (Albert Einstein)
  • "What we ever hope to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence." (Samuel Johnson)
  • "Leisure is time for doing something useful; this leisure the diligent man will obtain, but the lazy man never" — Benjamin Franklin
  • "Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains." (William Penn)

 The heaven (the Nature) rewards the diligent.

Apr 21, 2016
1. 勤勞努力不懈怠:孜孜矻矻、夙興夜寐、夙夜匪懈、廢寢忘食
2. 刻苦學習彌補不足:勤學苦練、勤能補拙、將勤補拙、以勤補拙
3. 勤學好問:勤奮學習,不懂的就問
4. 上勤下順:勤奮的領導者,帶出順服的下屬
5. 民生在勤:人民的生計在於勤勞
⦁ 勤有功,嬉無益。(三字經)
⦁ 人生在勤,勤則不匱。(左傳)
⦁ 天行健,君子以自強不息。(易經)
⦁ 富貴必從勤苦得,男兒須讀五車書。(唐朝詩人杜甫)
⦁ 書山有路勤為徑,學海無涯苦作舟。(唐代文學家韓愈)
⦁ 業精於勤荒於嬉,行成於思毀於隨。(唐代文學韓愈)
⦁ 良機對於懶惰者沒有用,但勤勞可以使最平常的機遇變成良機。(德國基督教神學家馬丁路德)
⦁ 在天才和勤奮之間,我毫不遲疑地選擇勤奮,她幾乎是世界上一切成就的催生婆(愛因斯坦)
⦁ 涓滴之水終可磨損大石,不是由於它力量強大,而是由於晝夜不捨地滴墜。(貝多芬)
⦁ 勤能補拙是良訓,一分辛勞一分才。(中國現代數學家華羅庚)
⦁ 天道酬勤
Apr 19, 2016


  1. 錢財珠寶不能保障,因為盜賊可偷
  2. ­­聲望地位不能保障,因為仇敵可敗
  3. 眷屬親友不能保障,因為此心可變
  4. 病苦老死不能保障,因為肉身可壞
  5. 命運劫數不能保障,因為業力可隨 


  1. 積善福德能夠保障,因為功果可存
  2. 持戒忍辱能夠保障,因為禍害可遠
  3. 行道濟世能夠保障,因為大德可化
  4. 智慧佈施能夠保障,因為內財可蓄
  5. 修身養性能夠保障,因為聖賢可成
Apr 19, 2016

Development of Healthy Interests & Hobbies

  1. Challenges

Singing techniques and playing drums

  1. Language Learning

English, Spanish, French, and Japanese

  1. Backpacking

Combination of language learning, travel, making friends, and culture exploration


Tips on Making Language Learning Fun & Effective

  1. Time & Effort

There is no short cut to learning a language. You need to invest time and effort on a regular basis, such as certain hours daily or weekly.

  1. Use of the Language

Grab every chance you have to practice the skills. Making mistakes on the way is part of the learning. It’s getting the meanings across that counts.

  1. Use of the Resources

Apply handy resources to good use, such as friends who speak that language, books, website and webpages, and modern technology.

  1. The Fundamentals

To get better and enjoy the language more, you need to get the fundamental skills covered, such as common pronunciation and grammar rules.

Apr 18, 2016
1. 挑戰自己:歌唱技巧、打擊樂器
2. 語文學習:英文、西班牙文、法文、日文
3. 自助旅行:結合語文學習、體驗文化、結交朋友
1. 時間與精力:語言能力的養成不可能一蹴即成,要定期、長期的投資
2. 一定要使用:找機會使用,多聽、多說、多讀,不要怕犯錯,能溝通最重要
3. 善用好資源:尋找可用的資源,朋友、網頁、現代科技,樣樣都要把握
4. 練好基本功:想更上層樓,發音、文法都必須努力
Apr 15, 2016

Five Things That Are Not Guaranteed

  1. Money and jewelry are not guaranteed for they can be stolen or rubbed.
  2. ­­Fame and status are not guaranteed because they can be ruined.
  3. Family and friends are not guaranteed because the heart changes.
  4. No human is guaranteed of eternity because the body expires after a certain time.
  5. Fate and fortune are not guaranteed because the Karma follows.

Five Things That Are Guaranteed

  1. Deeds of kindness and virtues are guaranteed because the merits can be deposited.
  2. Being disciplined and enduring the unendurable are guaranteed because they keep the troubles and disasters away.
  3. Practice Dao and help the needed are guaranteed because the great merits lead the others.
  4. Donation of wisdom is guaranteed because it is like depositing merits to one’s account.
  5. Cultivating and nurturing the inner self is guaranteed because it helps better oneself.
Apr 12, 2016

Tumor Found

  • Cindy felt a lump on right side of her mid-section. Planned to get a blood test a week after but was hospitalized several days later due to violent tremble.
  • Tests found a large area of tumor among her digestive organs. Chemotherapy was suggested before having an operation.
  • After treatments, a blood test report showed an alarming low red blood cell count. The tumor also grew larger. Cindy had the pending removal surgery right away.
  • Organs removed: both the duodenum and the gall were gone; partially removed were the small intestine, the large intestine, and the pancreas.
  • Five months after the surgery, Cindy had a severe pain in her tummy. The doctor found her small intestine adhered and a polypus. She endured a second surgery.
  • It’s been another 5 months since the 2nd surgery and she is still recovering.

 The Body, The Mind, The Soul

  • The Body: balanced diet, suitable supplements
  • The Mind: emotional stability, positive perspectives
  • The Soul: Karma (circulation of cause and consequence), self-reflection on behavior, confession, repentance, reform

Suggestions from Cindy

  • Should you have any irregular symptoms, have your regular checkup done.
  • Ask your doctor(s) questions and suggestions regarding treatments. Take notes.
  • Do your homework. Search online for similar illnesses, and what other patients, medical care professions, and support groups have to share.
  • Avoiding it is useless. Face it and find ways to solve it.
  • Be optimistic. Find out how other people overcome the problems. Be positive and come back onto your feet.
Apr 10, 2016


  • 在右腹按到硬塊,想驗血,幾天後全身發抖,就醫後強制住院檢查
  • 發現大範圍腫瘤,醫生建議化療,先縮小腫瘤,再開刀
  • 第四次化療前腹病劇痛,發現腫瘤增大,立即開刀
  • 完全切除部位:十二指腸、膽;部分切除:小腸、大腸、胰臟
  • 割除手術五個月後,腹部劇痛,發現小腸沾粘,長息肉,第二次開刀
  • 處理沾粘手術至今五個月,仍在復原中


  • 身:需儘量均衡飲食,適度補充保健品
  • 心:保持情緒穩定,開朗光明快樂
  • 靈:因果循環,反躬自省,懺悔改過



  • 若有異狀,定期追蹤檢查
  • 詳細詢問醫生相關訊息、建議之處理方式
  • 事前自己做功課,上網查詢相關病症,注意事項,可能併發併症、病友或醫護之分享
  • 給自己心理建設,不要逃避,選擇面對,解決問題
  • 心態開朗,參考別人度過難關的方法,光明向前看

Apr 8, 2016

Show reverence for the parents whenever possible. A Chinese saying goes, “The tree wants to stop swinging but the wind does not cease blowing.” It would be too late to show love and care for our parents when they are not here anymore! Cherish them physically and mentally in time.

Chinese Classic Scriptures                                                                    

  • “… filial piety is the root of (all) virtue …1” (The Scope and Meaning of the Treatise, The Classic of Filial Piety)
  • “How there must be reverence in filial duty. The filial piety nowadays means the support of one's parents. But dogs and horses likewise are able to do something in the way of support; without reverence, what is there to distinguish the one support given from the other? 2”(Chapter 7, Book II, Confucian Analects)
  • “In serving his parents, a son may remonstrate with them, but gently; when he sees that they do not incline to follow his advice, he shows an increased degree of reverence, but does not abandon his purpose; and should they punish him, he does not allow himself to murmur. 3” (Chapter 12, Book IV, Confucian Analects)

 Taiwanese Sayings

  • The care of serving a single bean when parents are alive is worthy more than a banquet at their funeral.
  • A big tree gives shade to the house. The elder provides shade to the home.
  • The parents who raised you are more important than those who gave birth to you.


  • God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. (Rudyard Kipling)
  • An undutiful daughter will prove an unmanageable wife. (Benjamin Franklin)
  • Undutiful children will prove unmanageable spouses. (Modified saying of Benjamin Franklin)
Apr 6, 2016


  1. 孝親好運起:掃墓、思親
  2. 沒餓到渴到,沒風吹日曬,還不夠?色難?
  3. 珍惜,照護,及時


  • 孝經:孝,德之本也
  • 事父母,幾諫,見志不從,又敬不違,勞而不怨。(里仁第十八)
  • 今之孝者,是謂能養。至於犬馬,皆能有養。不敬,何以別乎!(為政第七)


  • 雙手抱孩兒,才知父母時。
  • 在生孝敬一粒豆,較贏死後拜豬頭。
  • 生的倚一邊,養的功勞較大天。
  • 大樹蔭厝,老人蔭家。


  • 家是父親的王國,母親的世界,兒童的樂園(愛默生)
  • 友誼、愛情,都沒有母親對孩子的感情那麼真摯(畢奇爾)
  • 上帝不能分在各處,因此他製造母親(猶太諺語)
  • 不孝順的女兒,必然是難以駕御的妻子(佛蘭克林)
  • 不孝順的兒女,必然是難以駕御的伴侶(小改佛蘭克林原文 :)
Apr 5, 2016
  1. Look After Friends in Need Whenever Possible
    • Help make arrangement.
    • Visit friends who are in critical health conditions and comfort their family members.
    • Share personal experience for reference.
  2. Treat Challenges at Work As Ways To Better Herself
    • Unable to change the environment? Modifies your own perspective.
    • Appreciate any help from colleagues.
    • Face difficulty head on to discover your potentials.
    • Learning to solve problems on your own brings a speedy grow.
  3. Spirituality & Religion
    • Happiness from a fulfilled mind & soul lasts much longer than material satisfaction.
    • View things from different perspective and trade the negatives for the positives.
    • Manage your emotion to keep a peaceful mind.
    • Seek within and need less.
    • Cultivate DAO (Tao) in daily life
  4.  Practice Filial Piety in Time
    • Take care of one another and provide company.
    • Show that you care from the bottom of your heart.
    • Accompany your parents to do what they enjoy doing and assist them using new gadgets.
    • Cherish your parents. Look after their health.
Apr 4, 2016


  • 協助尋醫、掛號
  • 探望重病朋友
  • 慰問病人家屬
  • 提供個人經驗做參考


  • 不能改變環境,就改變自己的想法
  • 感恩同事的協助
  • 面對困境才會激發潛力
  • 學習解決問題,才會快速成長


  • 心靈充實勝物質享受
  • 學習轉念,改負能量為正能量
  • 情緒管理,內心平靜,智慧提 昇
  • 向內求,不匱乏
  • 研讀經典,在生活中修道


  • 互相照顧,提供陪伴
  • 發自內心的關心
  • 陪父母做他們愛做的事
  • 協助使用新科技
  • 珍惜父母,照顧健康,及時孝順


  • 盡個人最大努力,把一切做到最好
  • 成與否,讓上天決定
Apr 1, 2016

Yuan Liao-Fan was born in the Ming Dynasty. At 69, he wrote a book Liao-Fan's Four Lessons as heritage to his son. He died at the age of 73. Here’s the story.

 Everything was FATE. One could do NOTHING to alter it.

  1. Elder Kong who was good at fortune telling told Liao-Fan he would pass 3 tests at respective places. A year later, the results of the test proved Kong correct in all counts.
  2. Elder Kong foresaw everything. What position Lian-Fan would have in the government, how much compensation, and that he would die at the age of 53 with no son.
  3. As many predictions proven with great accuracy, Liao-Fan ceased to challenge matters in life. He had no ambitions, meditated all day long, and stopped studying.

 One’s Destiny was in his/her own hand.

  1. At 36 Liao-Fan met a monk, Yun-Gu who stated the common would be bound to Yin-Yan (the fate). The exceptions are those who did great deeds or committed unforgivable sins.
  2. Yun-Gu taught that to change the destiny, one needed to
  3. reflect the good and bad done
  4. daily discipline oneself: consciously do the good deeds

 One was not bound by fate, but his own actions

  1. After self-examining his personality and habits, Liao-Fan decided he deserved the fate he had.
  2. Yun-Gu taught him how to change his fate
  3. rig of bad habits and control his temper
  4. act diplomatic, be humble and kind, help the needed, and be strict to himself

 Cultivation and prayers

  1. Liao-Fan confessed to the buddha and promised 3,000 good deeds.
  2. He started to change himself, rig the bad and seek the virtuals.

 Liao-Fan’s fate started to change

  1. Liao-Fan was cautious about what he said and did. He faced criticism with a clear conscious.
  2. A year after doing good deeds persistently, Elder Kong’s predictions were no longer as accurate.

 DAO was available to the humble

  1. When famous, act humble; when things are going great, proceed with caution as not.
  2. Show respect to others. Don’t feel shame to ask questions and help.
  3. Discipline yourself and show good manners. Nurture your virtues and enter DAO.
  4. Reflect daily. Rig of the wrong whenever you can.

Liao-Fan made an effort to change his destiny and succeeded. This book was the proof. Here are the questions and answers if you are still puzzled.

  1. Can one change his destiny? YES
  2. How?   Through Cultivation. Show Kindness and Humility.

Please visit and give us feedback. A pdf is available for your convenience.