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人生有期待有煩惱,像健康、家庭、事業、金錢、人際關係、心靈需求等等,有道小館 雙語發聲,周一人物專訪,來賓分享專業知識、人生歷練,周二播專訪摘要,周四周五是各種短篇分享,以他山之石正向轉念,利人也利己。請訂閱、提供建議,我們一定做到更好,謝謝! 更新:自即日起,節目改為全中文播出,擬另闢英文節目,敬請期待。
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Jun 17, 2016

When seeing the world from a perspective other than grabbing more power, gaining a higher social status, earning more money, or wanting others to do things our way, we’d find it open up to more opportunities and potentials for us. Let’s go and create our own good fortune and destiny.

  1. Reflect on ourselves often for any wrongdoings. Do not gossip about faults of others. Stay joyful and appreciate our luck every single moment.
  2. Miss no chance to do good deeds even if they are small. Do no wrong even if it’s a tiny one.
  3. Every single day is the beginning of practicing humanity. Every single moment is good for reminding ourselves on that.
  4. Smiles are more appealing than frowns. Discussions are more natural than scowls.
  5. Eliminate the greed and be content with simplicity. Your mind would be blessed with peace and freedom.
  6. Seeking luck and longevity is not as good as being safe and well. Being safe and well is to add luck and longevity to your life.
  7. The most ordinary people are the richest ones.
  8. It’s the best to have a conscious mind. It’s the happiest thing to be able to give, provide assistance, and help the needed.
  9. Be more tolerance when dealing with others. Give them more love. If you’re able to do both, a happier life would be yours to enjoy.
  10. Who is the luckiest? The one who can forgive and have mercy on all beings in the world.
  11. Who that respects himself has more courage to reduce his self-importance.
  12. Step back and allow others more space so to help them accomplish their goals. It’s a personal accomplishment and cultivation.
  13. Our facial expression and acts. The way we talk and behave. They are learned and earned by educating ourselves and enduring contemptibility in our daily life.
  14. No matter how many obstacles there are in the journey, they can be overcome. No matter how difficult the tasks are, they can be done. This is how we learn and elevate our moral character.
  15. Every second counts when it comes to doing good deeds.
  16. Do not look down on anyone especially yourself because all us have endless potentials.
  17. Everything starts from a seed called determination.
  18. If we cannot seize the predestined relationship, no matter how great an opportunity and luck is, it would slip away from us.
  19. When a heart is true, there is good fortune. When there is a will, there is help.
  20. Penitence is the confession of the soul. It’s equivalent to the spring cleaning of the soiled mind.
  21. An individual always showing gratitude is less likely trapped in a difficult position for long.
  22. Keep our heart like a bright moon which appears when there is water. Keep our heart like the sky that appears when the clouds are gone.
  23. A heart without evil and a mind without vicious thoughts often feel at ease. A sincere and honest soul is free from the wicked.
  24. Being able to give is not a privilege to the financially secured people. Instead, it’s the devotion of love.
  25. There are always people less fortunate than us. It’s a blessing to be able to serve others.
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